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Zhejiang Yonggui Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
New Energy & Vehicle
Yonggui Electric offers a comprehensive solution for high voltage interconnection systems in the electric vehicle industry. Their main products include charging connectors, telecom connectors, and energy storage connectors for high-voltage interconnection systems.
In the field of electric vehicle charging, Yonggui's products cover a wide range of charging applications: AC charging, traditional DC charging, high power liquid-cooled DC charging, etc.
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In the field of energy storage connectors, Yonggui Electric provides complete interconnection solutions including power connectors, MSD, RJ45 signals, control signals, and their wiring harness components.
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Telecom connectors of Yonggui Electric are widely used for power and signal transmission of power modules for outdoor LED display devices, monitoring devices, telecom devices as well as charging and energy storage devices.
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Yonggui provides overall solution and whole interconnection system of high voltage and big current for electric vehicles.
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In addition to platform products, Yonggui also provides customized wiring harness.
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Railway & Industrial System
Yonggui Electric provides types of quality
railway & industrial connectors.
This series is a small series, the number of inserts is optional from 2 to 12, the maximum current can reach 40A, withstand voltage is 3500V.
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Due to its ability to create a safe and secure connection between wires, cables, and devices, electric cable couplers and connectors are essential components of electrical systems.
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The passageways that connect railroad cars and permit passengers to move safely between compartments are referred to as train gangway connections.
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The Transmitter and the Receiver are the two main parts of an axle counter system.
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Pantographs are essential to the effective operation of railroad locomotives because they allow electricity from overhead electrical cables to be transferred to the train.
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Lithium titanate batteries, often known as Li-ion or Li-titanate batteries, are well known for their remarkable longevity and performance.
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In order to absorb and reduce vibrations, shocks, and impacts brought on by fluctuating track conditions, train dampers, also known as railway shock absorbers, are essential suspension components placed in different sections of a train.
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Millions of commuters depend on subway transportation as a dependable and effective form of transportation, making it an essential component of urban life.
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Special Connectors
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The purpose of explosion-proof connectors is to be utilized in intrinsically safe circuits of sorts.
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Any underwater electrical application, including depth sensors, cameras, lighting, diver communications, remote operated vehicles (ROVs), and more, need underwater connectors.
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The most extreme operating circumstances in terms of temperature, pressure, and radiation may be tolerated by Yonggui nuclear connectors.
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An optical fiber connector is a tool that connects optical fibers together to enable effective light signal transfer.
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RF connectors, or radio frequency connectors, are types of electrical connectors designed to transmit radio frequency signals.
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Yonggui Interconnect Solutions for Different Industries
Yonggui Electric has been committed to the research and development of various types of automotive connectors for more than 10 years, covering all kinds of automotive application scenarios: batteries, motors, electronic control, MSD, high-voltage box, high-voltage wiring harness. The corresponding products can meet the performance requirements of USCAR, LV215 and other industry standards. We will continue to make breakthroughs in the new energy industry to provide customers with better interconnect solutions.
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Yonggui Electric is a National High-tech Enterprise established in 1973, which covers new energy and vehicle, railway and industrial, telecommunication field, etc. Yonggui mainly engage in R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical support of connectors, connector systems and smart precision products.

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    Mission: Technology connection to future
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Yonggui Honor & Certificates
Honor & Certificates

Yonggui products have passed international testing and certification reports including ISO 9001, ISO/TS 22163, IATF16949, UL, TUV, CE, etc which is sure to meet the import needs of different countries. So far, Yonggui's products in various fields have been put into use in many important projects around the world and have won praise from customers.

certificate of compliance
iso 3834 iiw internation institute of welding
attestation certificate of low voltage directive
iatf 16949 letter of conformance
iso 9001 2015 sgs
iso14001 management system certificate
iso ts 221632017 iris certification
iso 22163 iris certification
certificate of low voltage directive
welding of railway vehicles and components
iso45001 management system certificate
1 iatf16949 sgs certificate
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