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Subway Door System

The stator of the motor is equipped with fixed main magnetic poles and brushes, and the rotor is equipped with armature windings and commutators. The electrical energy of a DC power supply enters the armature winding through brushes and commutators, generating armature current. The magnetic field generated by the armature current interacts with the main magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque, causing the motor to rotate and drive the load.

Importance Factors in Subway Door System

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is a vital aspect of any transportation system, and subway doors play a significant role in streamlining subway operations. Yonggui's subway doors are designed with cutting-edge technology, contributing to seamless boarding and disembarking processes.

  • Mechanisms: The swift and synchronized opening and closing mechanisms of Yonggui subway doors minimize dwell times at stations, ensuring trains adhere to their schedules. This allows for optimum passenger flow and reduces overcrowding during peak hours.

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  • subway door system structures
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