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Lithium Ion Titanate Battery

Compared with graphite cathode material, lithium titanate material has a higher lithium embedding potential (1.55V). Even under low temperatures and high charging rates, the cathode battery makes it difficult to reach the reduction potential (0V) of Yonggui lithium, fundamentally eliminating the possibility of metal lithium dendrite and reducing the risk of internal short circuits of the battery.

Advantages of Lithium Titanate Battery

  • The cathode of ordinary lithium battery is graphite, which is inflammable The cathode of lithium titanate battery is lithium titanate, which has no flammability.

  • The red curve in the figure shows the short circuit temperature rise and voltage change curve of carbon negative battery. The voltage of carbon negative battery drops rapidly and the temperature rises sharply after short circuit, so it is easy to generate fierce chemical reactions such as fire and explosion. 

  • The blue curve in the figure shows the short-circuit temperature rise and voltage change curve of lithium titanate battery. In case of short circuit of lithium titanate battery, the voltage drops slowly and the temperature rises slowly, with the maximum temperature not exceeding 100 ℃, so fire and explosion will not occur.

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