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Axle Counter In Railway

The YLJZ-F1/F2 axle counting system is a high-tech product that the company has fully independent intellectual property rights. This system is applied in the field of rail transit signal control and has a technological advantage among similar products at home and abroad.

Outdoor Equip. of YLJZ-F1 Axle Counter

Outdoor Equip. of YLJZ-F1 Axle Counter

The sensor consists of a transmitting sensor and a receiving sensor, which areinstalledonthe rail using fixtures. The outer side of the rail is the transmitting sensor, andtheinnerside of the rail is the receiving sensor. The sensor adopts a fully encapsulatedstructure, with a dustproof and waterproof grade of IP68.

Outdoor Equip. of YLJZ-F1 Axle Counter

The trackside electronic unit consists of a sensor board and a protective box, whicharefixed on the ground or wall using mounting brackets. The sensor board adopts acombined single board structure and is installed in the protective box. The protectiveboxis made of aluminum alloy and sealed with sealing strips, with a dustproof andwaterproofgrade of IP66.

Outdoor Equip. of YLJZ-F1 Axle Counter

The sensor is a single body structure, including two magnetic core coils withdifferentoscillation frequencies packaged in a shell and corresponding functional circuits. Thesensor is installed on the inner/outer side of the rail through fixtures. The sensor adoptsafully encapsulated structure, with a dustproof and waterproof grade of IP68.

Outdoor Equip. of YLJZ-F1 Axle Counter

The Junction Box is used for connecting the tail cable of the sensor andtheaxlecounter cable. The inside of the Junction Box are WAGO terminals, which connectsthe4-core sensor tail cable and the 4-core axle counter cable one-on-one. The JunctionBoxisinstalled through a bracket, which can be fixed on the ground or on the tunnel wall. TheJunction Box is made of composite material and sealed with a sealingring, withadustproof and waterproof grade of IP66.

Indoor Equip. of YLJZ-F1 Axle Counter

The left image shows the axle counting cabinet,whichcontains the axle counting host and is installedintheequipment room. The axle counting host consistsofseveralaxle counting boards and a diagnostic board.

  • A single axle counting host can connect upto31outdooraxle counting points.

  • A single axle counting host can control upto31tracksections.

  • A single axle counting cabinet can installupto2axlecounting hosts, connect 62 outdoor axle countingpoints,and control 62 track sections.

  • A single section can consist of up to 16outdooraxlecounting points.

  • The host cards support hot plugging.

  • The number of connecting cable cores to eachoutdooraxle counting point is 2/4 cores.

  • Star shaped connection is used from eachindooraxlecounting board to outdoor axle counting point.

  • Axle counting cabinet size, color, etc. canbecustomized according to requirements, universalsizeishigh × wide × depth (2250mm ×600mm ×800mm).

  • outdoor equip of yljz f1
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