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141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle

Yonggui presents the 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle, a rectangular unit with a 600V AC voltage, 40A current, and impressive electrical performance. It boasts low contact and high insulation resistance, enduring over 100 cycles. Operating in a broad temperature range, it features flame-retardant materials and high-conductivity copper components. Trust Yonggui for quality and reliability.

The Details of 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle

The Details of 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle

If the tolerance is not noted, press X): ±0.5, X.X: ±0.35, X.XX: ±0.25; Unit: mm

The Details of 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle

Matching jack(φ3.0, matching number: 4PCS): 141027B-φ3 socket Assembly -6mm²- Silver (114021002249) (Tolerances not noted are ±0.2, unit: mm)

The Details of 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle

Recommended panel opening size

Specifications of 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle




Electrical Parameter

Rated voltage

600V AC

Rated current

40A (Suitable for 8AWG/10mm² wire)

Contact resistance


Insulation resistance

≥3000MΩ (Normality)

Withstand voltage

3000V AC (Sea level)

Mechanical Parameter

Mechanical life


Insertion and extraction force

Insertion force≤54N; Pullout force 12N~54N

Pressure plate holding force


Single-hole separation force


Fixation of contact parts)

The axial load is 82N, and the axial displacement of the contact with the shell should not exceed 1mm

Environment Features

Connector operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity


Salt spray level

Neutral salt spray 48H, Only contact parts are assessed


Product frequency 10Hz~500Hz; Acceleration 98m/s2 vibration test after the appearance of no damage; No loosening, displacement, no abnormal insertion and removal; No power outage exceeding 1us


After the 294m/s2 impact test, the appearance of the product is not damaged, loose, shifted, and inserted and removed without abnormal; No electrical interruption exceeding 1us

Materials and surface treatment, etc

Insulating body

PBT Black; Flame retardant rating: UL94-V0

Back sleeve

High conductivity copper, surface treatment: Silver plating on nickel base

Crown spring

Beryllium copper, surface treatment: Silver nickel base, impregnated with 823 protectant

Locating pawl

Phosphor copper, surface treatment: Nickel base tinned

The Production of 141027B-JL-S4R Receptacle

  • Telecom connectors are prohibited from plugging or unplugging when powered;

  • The gap between the plug and the receptacle should be less than 2.0mm;

  • Between the plug and receptacle of the connector, the allowable mating limit guide deviation is 1.8mm, and the guide deviation of the equipment guide rail is required to be less than 1.8mm);

  • After crimping the connector receptacle socket, a 40mm long straight line must come out from the end before bending the cable to avoid misalignment of the pinhole during insertion, causing damage to the socket.

  • The connector must be aligned with the guide before insertion to avoid serious damage to the connector when forced insertion without alignment.

  • The connector socket is a floating installation. After the installation screws are tightened, it is necessary to ensure that the socket can float normally to prevent the socket from being locked by the installation screws, causing the connector head base to be unable to automatically guide, align, and engage.

  • The connector is not allowed to withstand other forces other than its own contact force during the mating process.

  • From the time the module enters the guide rail until the module is fully inserted, it is recommended that the entire process be controlled between (3 to 5) seconds.

  • After the socket is crimped or soldered, the tail must be covered with a heat-shrinkable sleeve to avoid short-circuiting and ignition at the tail. The heat-shrinkable sleeve must be (2±1)mm away from the maximum outer circumferential end face of the socket to prevent the positioning claw from being unable to stuck jack;

  • When placing the contact (socket) into the corresponding hole of the housing, the contact must be inserted in place and gently pulled back to ensure that the positioning claw is stuck (the contact cannot be pushed out in the axial reverse);

  • It is recommended that the thickness of the cabinet panel should be at least 1.5mm. Otherwise, the panel may be deformed after repeated insertion or removal;

  • When the PCB board is immersed in three anti-paint, do not allow the three anti-paint to flow to the surface of the contact in the plug-in interface.

  • the production of 141027b jl s4r receptacle
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