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  • The gun type car charging connectors are lighter in weight, providing a better user experience.

  • The product's design embodies a sense of technology and futurism.

  • The product line features thinner and lighter diameters, completely shedding the "bulky" label.

  • With a lifespan of 12,000 insertions and extractions, it is more durable.

  • The car charging connectors meet the rigorous conditions of mud, saltwater, and insertion/extraction tests.

  • Integrated low-voltage signal PCB boards ensure simpler internal wiring and more reliable assembly.

Specifications of NACS

Technical Data Sheet

Reference Standard

NACS  IEC 61851-1  IEC 61851-23  IEC 62196-1  IEC 62196-2  IEC 62196-3  IEC 62196-23

Charging Mode

Model4,Case C

Rated Voltage

1000V DC

Rated Current

600A DC

Withstanding Voltage

1. ≥3500V AC 1min between HV+, HV-;

2. ≥1500V AC 1min between HV+, HV- and GND, CP, PP respectively;

3.≥1500V AC 1min between GND, CP, PP and each other;

Insulation Resistance

1. ≥500MΩ (1000V DC) between HV+, HV-;

2. ≥500MΩ (1000V DC) between HV+, HV- and GND, CP, PP respectively;

3.≥500MΩ (1000V DC) between GND, CP, PP and each other;

Protection Rating

IP54 before insertion; IP55 after insertion; electrical parts: IP67 (except for the interface with the receptacle)

Insertion and withdrawal times


Insertion and withdrawal force


Ambient Temperature

-30℃ ~+ 50℃

Temperature sensor type


Flame retardant grade

UL 94 V-0

Cable outer diameter


Bend radius

10D minimum radius for normal throughflow; 5D minimum stowage radius (coiled wire)

Cooling circuit

two-in, two-out

Cooling pipe diameter

Inlet tube (IDΦ6 ODΦ8 ); Inlet tube (IDΦ11 ODΦ13 )

Minimum flow rate


Maximum working pressure


Cooling medium

Automotive Cooling Oil

Medium temperature

≤ ring temperature +5℃

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