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Rectangular Connector Harness

  • The module combinations are rich in form, including fiber optic, pneumatic, power, control signal and other modules;

  • Cable length can be customized as required;

  • Connection method: quick locking, threaded connection;

  • Suitable for rail transit, industrial automation, wind power and other industries

Rectangular Wire Harness Advantages

  • Abundant Module Combination: As one of the leading custom wire harness manufacturers, our harness provides a versatile solution by accommodating various modules, such as optical fiber, pneumatic, power, control signals, and more. This modularity allows for a wide range of applications and makes it adaptable to diverse industry requirements.

  • Customizable Cable Lengths: The flexibility to customize cable lengths based on specific demands ensures that the harness can be tailored to fit the unique needs of different applications. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where standard cable lengths may not be sufficient.

  • Quick Locking and Threaded Connection: The harness offers multiple connection options, including quick-locking and threaded connections. Quick-locking mechanisms facilitate rapid and efficient connections, while threaded connections provide a secure and stable attachment, ensuring reliability in various operating conditions.

  • Applicability Across Industries: The description mentions suitability for rail transit, industrial automation, wind power, and other industries. This indicates that the harness is designed to meet the rigorous demands of these specific sectors, showcasing its versatility and adaptability across diverse applications.

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