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141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

  • Spacing: 12mm

  • Cable specification: 6AWG

  • Termination Mode: Wire end: Crimp; Board end: Soldering

  • Installation Method: Wire end: panel mounting; Board end: PCB board mounting

  • Installation Torque: 1.5±0.3N•m

  • Breaking Torque: 2.5N•m

  • Connection Mode: /

  • PCB Thickness: 2mm(Recommended thickness)

The Details of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

The Details of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

141054-JL-S4P (Plug)

The Details of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

Recommended installation hole size

The Details of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

141054 Socket accessories φ5.75-6AWG-Crown spring gold plated

The Details of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

141054-JL-P4RW-5 Receptacle (Position 1 is a long needle)

The Details of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

M4 floating installation screw

Specifications of 141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector

Electrical CharacteristicPins4 max
Rated Current100A
Rated Voltage1000V DC
Withstand voltage2000V AC
Contact Resistance≤1 mΩ
Insulation Resistance≥1000MΩ DC 500V(normal temperature)
Mechanical CharacteristicOverall insertion force60N Max
Single leg separation force6N Min
Mechanical life500 times
Protection Class/
Materials and surface treatmentMaterial Contact: copper alloy; base material: PBT+30%
Surface Treatment: 0.05μm Gold plating 0.05μm
Test Area/
Work environmentOperating Temperature-55℃~+125℃
Relative Humidity40℃, ≤90%
Salt Spray Test48hours
Vibration10-2000Hz, acceleration 147m/s², instantaneous interruption ≤1us
ShockAcceleration 490m/s2

141054 Rectangular Electrical Connector Technical Parameters

  • The telecom connectors should be used within the technical parameters provided;

  • Package Spec: /

  • Storage Spec: Products packed into boxes should be stored in a warehouse with an ambient temperature of -10°C to +40°C, a relative humidity below 80%, and no acidic, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the surrounding air. The storage period shall not exceed two years from the date of production.

  • the production of 141054 rectangular electrical connector
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