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QB Circular Connectors

This series of products are mainly used in the cabinet box. This series of electrical connector adopts buckle connection, and the contact parts mainly adopt crimping structure, which has the advantages of quick connection and separation, vibration resistance, shock resistance, etc. It is widely used in railroad, aviation, industry, electronics and other fields.

Specifications of QB Circular Connectors

① Electrical parameters

Rated current

φ1:5 A, φ1.6:10A, φ2.4:23A
Rated voltageφ1:110 V AC, φ1.6:300V  AC, φ2.4:500V  AC
Withstanding voltageφ1:1500   V AC  50Hz  No breakdown or flashover within 1min.
φ1.6:2000 V AC 50Hz No breakdown or flashover within 1min.
φ2.4:2500 V AC 50Hz No breakdown or flashover within 1min.

Contact resistance

φ1:≤3mΩ, φ1.6:≤2.5mΩ, φ2.4:≤1.5mΩ
Insulation resistance≥2000 M

② Mechanical parameters

Mechanical life750 times


meet the vibration requirements of GB/T21563 in category 2

③ Other parameters

Operating temperature-55℃~+125℃
Relative humidity90%~95% (Temperature: 40±2℃)
Protection levelIP67 (with suitable tail accessories)
Environmental protectionRoHS


Aluminum alloy

Surface treatmentOxidized military green/nickel plated/oxidized black


Engineering plastic

Flame retardant ratingEN45545


Copper alloy

Surface treatmentgold/silver plated

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